WIDTHS – 24′, 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′, 70′, 80′, 90′, 100′

LENGTHS – 15′ Bays

SIDEWALL HEIGHTS – 2′ Increments, starting at 8′ to 20′

24’ to 40’ Clearspan – 3/12, 4/12, 5/12 or 6/12 Pitch
50’, 60’ and 70’ Clearspan – 3/12 or 4/12 Pitch
80’ 90’ and 100’ Clearspan – 3/12 Pitch Only

FOUNDATION – Foundations are the basis of a strong building. K Buildings are available with three types of recommended foundations:

  • PIER FOUNDATION – A pier foundation consists of individual pads for each frame leg. These are typically drilled with an 18 inch auger below the frost line. Above the ground they are formed to 1 foot square. They are reinforced with re-bar. Buildings with pier foundations come standard with a 2” X 10” treated skirt board. | VIEW PDF |
  • MONOSLAB FOUNDATION – A monoslab foundation is poured with the floor in a single pour. The 8 inch wall portion is trenched 24 inches into the ground. This foundation is considered to be ‘floating’. It can be used on smaller buildings only (generally 24 feet or 30 feet in width). A 2” X 6” treated base plate is standard on the monoslab building. | VIEW PDF |
  • FOUNDATION WALL – A wall foundation Is 8 inches wide and is trenched below the frost line. Then it is formed to the desired height above the ground and reinforced with a series of re-bar. A 2” X 6” treated base plate is standard on buildings using a wall foundation. | VIEW PDF |

ANCHOR BOLTS – 5/8″ mainframe & 1/2″ endwall frame anchor bolts come standard with each K Building.

STEEL MAIN & ENDWALL FRAMES – The strength of the K Building are the steel frames. With the combination of steel frames and steel wind bracing rods, the K Building has an advantage in resisting high wind and snow loads. With a steel frame quality and longevity is assured, while the risk of eroding and insect infested wood posts is eliminated.


  • PURLINS – K Buildings come standard with 2” X 6” X 16′ #1 yellow pine purlins, located 2′ on center, allowing the ability to walk anywhere on the roof.
  • GIRTS – K Buildings come standard with 2” X 6” X 16′ #1 yellow pine girts, located 41-1/2” on center.

BUILDING IDENTIFICATION TAG – Before leaving the factory, every K Building is outfitted with a unique ID tag riveted to the end wall. With this ID tag, K Building owners can contact Elgin Service Center for information related to any component used in the fabrication of their building. Building specifications, doors/windows or even the covering installed is on file and available whenever the need may arise.

COVERING – 29 gauge ASTM-A792 Galvalume steel, 95,000 PSI yield-minimum. K Buildings come standard with painted covering and trims from North Star Mfg. Co. Please review their following literature for details: