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Dan Klausing
Owner / President

Dan began his career at Elgin Service Center in the late 1960’s working for a two man operation primarily pouring bin foundations . Dan assumed ownership in 1972, turning his company into a corporation in 1974.  After assembling multiple construction crews and providing quality equipment and service to the local agricultural community, the company began to prosper.  In the late 1970’s, Dan’s desire to enhance the product line at Elgin Service Center resulted in the development of the K Building.  As a member of several vendor advisory councils, Dan has been a staple in the ag community for decades.  While Dan now enjoys a more leisurely approach to his involvement in the business, he still remains active leading his sons and the rest of Elgin Service Center as the owner and president.

Scott Klausing
General Manager

Scott has been the General Manager of the Elgin Service Center Venedocia location since 1992.  In addition to running the day to day operations of the location, Scott is responsible for the long range vision for Elgin Service Center as a whole.  Under his direction, ESC has doubled K Building production volume while adding PowerLift Hydraulic Doors and S.P.M. CNC precision machining to our lineup.

Steve Klausing
Operations Manager

Steve has been with Elgin Service Center since 1988 and is the department head for grain services at our offices in Venedocia and Kenton, Ohio. He is also tasked with the design and sales of on-farm grain systems as well as lead service technician for existing systems including fans, heaters and dryers.

Dave Knepper
Office Manager / CAD

Dave has been with Elgin Service Center since 2002 and is responsible for assisting customers and dealers with building inquiries and support. With his computer background, Dave is an invaluable asset to Elgin, as he oversees our CAD department as well as many of our technical issues related to our computer systems and online presence.  Dave also tracks inventory and purchases many of our building components and accessory items.

Doug Hemm
Director of Marketing / Dealer Development

Doug has been with Elgin Service Center since 2008 and is responsible for developing and implementing the Elgin Service Center/K Building marketing strategy as well as developing the K Building dealer network throughout the country. Prior to joining Elgin Service Center, Doug spent 22 years as a lumber wholesaler. Please feel free to contact Doug directly to inquire about K Building dealer opportunities.

Mike Klausing
IT / Purchasing

Mike has been with Elgin Service Center since 2019. His responsibilities include creating K Building material lists, scheduling building deliveries and purchasing lumber, covering and trims for building orders. Mike is our IT tech with extensive knowledge of computer and CRM systems.

Dillan Woods
Engineer in Training/Draftsman

Dillan has been with Elgin Service Center since 2021 and is solely responsible for working with engineering firms and governing bodies while guiding our building projects through the stamped building approval process. With his Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the T.J Smull College of Engineering at Ohio Northern University, Dillan has work experience in bridge inspections as well as various disciplines of civil engineering and surveying. His goal is to become the first in house PE (Professional Engineer) for Elgin Service Center.

Craig Critten
Shop Foreman

Craig has been with Elgin Service Center since 1991 and is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process of K Buildings. From the time an order is sent into production, Craig will oversee every aspect including the timeliness of fabrication along with overseeing fit and finish and overall building quality.  Craig is also responsible for the accurate and timely production of the PowerLift Hydraulic Door.

Deena Rice
Administrative Assistant

Deena has been with Elgin Service Center since 2011 and is responsible for overseeing the day to day office duties at our corporate office in Venedocia, Ohio.  These duties include payroll, insurance, invoicing and updating pricing in our parts department. It is often Deena’s voice that greets callers into our corporate office. Prior to joining Elgin Service Center she was a team leader/office manager for a local medical office.

Jim Tabler
PowerLift Door Sales

Jim has been with PowerLift Great Lakes, a division of Elgin Service Center, since 2020. He is responsible for the development of our installed hydraulic door presence in Indiana and Ohio. With a 40+ year sales career, Jim has spent the last 20 years as a lumber wholesaler. Prior to his sales career, Jim gained experience in the construction industry pouring concrete and framing houses.

Zac Bricker
Crew / Transportation Manager

Zac joined Elgin Service Center in 2010 and is currently the coordinator responsible for scheduling K Building and on-farm grain service crews as well as deliveries to building sites. He is the head of our vehicle maintenance department and will occasionally deliver buildings or grain products to the job site.