Will the PowerLift Door work on my existing post frame building?
ANSWER: Yes, the PowerLift Door can be installed on existing wood or all steel buildings,

What size doors are offered by PowerLift?
ANSWER: Every door is custom fabricated to fit the intended door opening with most sizes in the 30′ to 60′ width range but doors in excess of 100′ wide and up to 30′ tall are also available.

What happens if my electric goes out, will the door still work?
ANSWER: Yes, the door will still work! Special fittings in the door hydraulics allow a secondary power source like farm tractor hydraulics or a mobile power source to be used in the event of a power outage.

If the power goes out while the PowerLift door is open, will it slam shut?
ANSWER: No, the door will gradually close thanks to special governors located in the hydraulic control of the door that limit the rate of descent when power is interrupted.

Who installs the PowerLift hydraulic door?
ANSWER: PowerLift regional manufacturers not only measure your door opening but will also manufacture and install every PowerLift door.

How does the PowerLift door pricing compare to overhead doors?
ANSWER: Doors that measure 24′ wide and up are very comparable to overhead doors with some cases being even cheaper.

Can I leave my PowerLift door open all day?
ANSWER: Yes! The PowerLift door is designed to be left open even on days where winds can gust up to 15-20 mph. Think airports and the amount of hangars with hydraulic doors.

Can I frame windows and walk doors on my PowerLift door?
ANSWER: Windows and walk doors are commonly included in the PowerLift door design. Shed roofs and porches are also sometimes a part of the door design as well. Windows are a great addition so the operator can view outside for any potential obstructions prior to raising the door.

Can the PowerLift door be insulated?
ANSWER: Spray foam, rigid foam and batt insulation are three very good products to use when insulating the PowerLift door.

Does my PowerLift door quote include installation?
ANSWER: Every PowerLift door quote does include installation. The PowerLift Great Lakes crews arrive early with the door and will often have the door operating from generators on their work trucks before the crews leave that day. The door owner will need to schedule an electrician to finish the 220V connection and have the covering and trim installed on the door.

What kind of power is needed for the PowerLift door?
ANSWER: 220V 30 amp breaker will be required for most PowerLift doors.

What is the benefit of a hydraulic door?
ANSWER: The door will open straight out providing a porch like roof while offering more clearance around the door than the competition. PowerLift Great Lakes will also install the door and be available for maintenance.

How much headroom will I lose with a PowerLift hydraulic door?
ANSWER: Inside mount doors that install within the door opening will lose 5″ of head height and 6″ of width. Outside mount doors that install on the exterior of the door opening don’t lose any head height or width in the door opening.

Are remote controls available for the PowerLift door?
ANSWER: Yes, there are remote controls available that include either a separate door remote opener that can control multiple PowerLift doors or even a cell phone app that will operate the door.

How long does it take to open a PowerLift door?
ANSWER: Most doors will fully open from a closed position in roughly 30 seconds or less.

Why does the customer have to provide hydraulic fluid for the door installation?
ANSWER: It is important that the hydraulic fluid in the PowerLift door matches the hydraulic fluid in the tractors or secondary power unit used in the event of a power outage. Customer supplied hydraulic fluid will ensure the match.

How much hydraulic fluid is needed for the PowerLift door?
ANSWER: Most door sizes will require about 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid with the largest PowerLift doors requiring nearly 10 gallons.

How long does it take to have a door fabricated and. installed?
ANSWER: Production schedules vary throughout the year but on average 6-8 weeks in the summer and often less time in the winter and very early spring.

How do you transport really large doors?
All doors arrive on a tractor trailer. Doors that exceed the limits of our highways are fully fabricated then cut apart for transportation and then re-welded on site prior to installation.

Where can I get more door information?
ANSWER: Additional information is available online from the following links: