PowerLift hydraulic doors are as much an architectural element as they are a cost effective, convenient and practical option for large door openings. Custom door sizing and design elements that include windows , walk doors or even full glass have ushered in a new homeowner market for hydraulic doors.

Now, more than ever, homeowners are creating unique open-air spaces, seamlessly blending the outdoors with the indoors in new or existing wood or steel-framed buildings.  With door sizes as large as 30’x130′, the PowerLift door is still a favorite with hangar and agricultural applications. 

PowerLift Doors Great Lakes, a division of Elgin Service Center, is an authorized regional distributor and manufacturer of the PowerLift hydraulic door. Responsible for all aspects, including measurements, design, fabrication, delivery and installation, PowerLift Doors Great Lakes is a one stop shop for fully engineered custom hydraulic doors.

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