Hi-Fold Doors

hifold_doorsYou won’t go wrong with quality-built Hi-Fold Doors.  They’re the only bi-fold doors with high clearance advantages, requiring less overhead space. Made of heavy duty steel tubing in sizes up to 70 feet wide and 20 feet high, their rugged, all-welded construction prepares them for many years of day in and day out use with minimum maintenance. Cost saving, standard bi-folds are also available for installations where Hi-Fold advantages are not required.

There’s no need to increase the height of the entire building or add a support above the roof line, as is often necessary with standard bi-folds.  Patented auxiliary arms on the Hi-Fold Door enable it to open to within 10 to 28 inches of the hinge mounting line without putting undue stress on the jamb posts.

Save material and labor on new buildings!
High clearance advantages of Hi-Fold Doors enable you to trim new building costs in four important ways:

  1. Column lengths can be shorter
  2. Less skin is required
  3. Fewer fasteners are needed
  4. Your crew’s work time is reduced.

Retrofit existing doors without losing clearance
With Hi-Fold Doors, you can replace worn out or hard to operate sliding and overhead doors or cover door less openings on existing buildings, while adding the convenience of bi-fold doors without sacrificing door opening clearance. In-place headers are normally adequate for mounting Hi-Fold Doors and building modifications, if any, are minimal. Sidewall doors can also be installed without changing the roof line.

Hi-Fold Doors keep bad weather out.  The Hi-Fold Door is unaffected by weather extremes. When fully open, it forms a canopy over the opening for protection from sun and rain. When closed, sturdy jamb latches and a durable bottom seal keep out foul weather and intruders. The center hinge folding action and high strength cable lift system pulls the door up and away from build up of ice and snow to assure efficient, year round operation.

Hi-Fold Doors can be easily insulated by surface mounting board or blanket insulation prior to installing the skin. Additional insulation can also be inserted between the grid members. Walk doors and windows, in a variety of attractive styles and sizes, can be added to provide easy access and natural interior lighting.