Sukup Unloads

Sukup Carry-in Sweep


  • The Sukup Carry-In Sweep can be moved from one bin to another in no time.
  • The exclusive, hinged safety shield simplifies removing the motor.
  • Includes the drive belt, galvanized backboard with patented sweep scrapers, and direct drive wheel.

Sukup Sweepaway Power Sweep


Only the Sukup Sweepway™ Power Sweep offers all of these features:

  • Convenient
    – Permanent installation
  • Complete
    – Sumps pre-welded to tube.
    – No extra sumps necessary.
  • Safer
    – All controls are located outside of bin.
    – No need to enter the bin.
  • Fastest Installation
    – Components are factory assembled.

Sukup Powerhead Design

The powerhead design for Sukup unload systems makes belt adjustments easier.

  • A hinge on all powerheads allows the belt to be tightened simply by turning one ?” bolt.
  • By removing the hinge pin, the motor may be easily moved to another bin.
  • Sukup’s special design allows you to pull the unload flighting without removing the powerhead, so Sukup units are much easier to service.
  • Sukup unload augers attach to the gearbox with a square shaft, rather than bolting to it. This arrangement makes it possible to remove the auger from the gearbox and continue unloading, if necessary.

Sukup vertical augers provide the highest unloading capacities in the industry.

  • Double flighting at the bottom of the vertical auger picks up grain from the unload tube faster to increase capacity without the necessity of using a larger diameter vertical tube.
  • Special boot design on vertical provides unrestricted grain flow from the horizontal unload tube into the vertical.
  • Available in 6” or 8” diameters, top or bottom drive, 16’ or 20’ heights. 10” available in 16’ heights.

Galvanized Incline Augers

  • 5’, 25° incline on 6” or 8” systems; 7’, 20° incline on 10” systems.
  • Goes from 6” to 8” on 6” systems, 8” to 10” on 8” systems, and 10” to 12” on 10” systems.
  • Heavy-duty universal joint with support bushing.
  • 6” or 8” inclines attach to bin with two chains. 10” units may be ordered with support leg.
  • Optional Quick Disconnect and Wheel Kits are available to allow you to move your incline powerhead from bin to bin.