Sukup – Fastir™ Stirring Machine

Fastir Stirring Machine

suckupSukup Manufacturing Co. began in 1963 with Eugene Sukup’s idea for a device to stir his shelled corn. After some fine-tuning, the device took off and Sukup Manufacturing Co. was born. Almost 45 years later, Sukup Manufacturing Co. is still producing stirring machines.

The Sukup Fastir™ Stirring Machine is simply the best stirring machine available. Patented mechanical reversing makes the Fastir™ trouble-free and constant pitch augers move more grain than the graduated pitch augers of other stirring machines.

Fastir Stirring Machine

Stirring mixes the driest grain at the bottom of the bin with the wetter grain toward the top. This results in a more uniform moisture content. In fact, university test have shown less than 1% moisture variation from top to bottom in stirred grain.

Stirring loosens grain, reduces static pressure and increases airflow. This, in turn, means grain dries more quickly and efficiently. Iowa State University tests have found that, by using a stirring machine in wet grain with a powered spreader, airflow is increased by 33%.

Stirring mixes wet and dry layers of grain to extend storage life, and it also breaks up “hot spots”. Since the stirring auger is surrounded by a cushion of grain, rather than a steel tube, there are no pinch points to damage the grain.

Fastir Stirring Machine

The patented mechanical reversing drive on the Fastir™ is the only one of its kind, making it the simplest and most dependable stirring machine on the market. This patented drive mechanism is operated by a single drive wheel. The movement of a lever by the reversing plate changes the angle of this drive wheel to move the carriage in and out on the crosstube.

This simple process eliminates electric reversing switches, drive gearboxes, chains and cables.

Augers are the key to optimum stirring.

  • Long-wearing, hard-faced down augers are standard on Sukup stirring machines.
  • Down augers have 1” shafts and ?” hard-faced flighting.
  • Various auger lengths are available to match bin sidewall heights. (For best operation, down auger length should not exceed 20″.)
  • Sukup down augers are covered by a two-year unconditional warranty.

The pitch on a Sukup auger is constant for better stirring. A constant pitch auger fills only at the bottom where the overdried grain in located. Other companies use a graduated pitch auger, which picks up small amounts of grain its entire length, so less overdried grain is moved.

Just compare the piles of grain produced by the augers in the photographs above. It’s plain to see that constant pitch augers (top) move more grain.

Sukup augers can be used to stir corn, beans, rice, wheat, barley, sunflowers, popcorn, milo, sorghum, oats and fescue.

Sukup augers continuously work forward while they move in and out on the crosstube. This ensures that all grain is being stirred. Angle bearing(s), along with the downward pull of the augers ensure a positive changing pattern. Constant pitch augers pull dried grain from the bottom, thoroughly mixing it with the wetter grain at the top. This process also loosens the grain to increase airflow for faster drying.

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