Sukup Drive-Over Hopper

Sukup Drive-Over Hopper

suckupSUKUP Drive-Over Hopper Details:

  • Sukup Drive-Over Hoppers provide fast, convenient, portable unloading.
  • They allow flexibility – can be transported from site to site or can be permanently installed.
  • Ramps are spring-loaded, so one person can raise and lower them.
  • Rugged quality construction.
  • Model S7000 comes standard with transport kit and removable ramps.
  • Model S7100 is designed for use in permanent installations.

General Features

  • Capacity of up to 7000 bu/hr.
  • Dual roller chains with UHMW paddles.
  • 9” overall height Weight: 3000 lbs.
  • Splashguard keeps grain contained in the center dump area.
  • Side-dump hopper.
  • Bolt-on end cover can be easily removed for service and clean-out.

The Sukup Drive-Over Hopper is designed to maintain maximum capacity.

  • Grain falls through to completely fill the bottom paddle sections.
  • The top chain levels off the grain before it reaches the throat, preventing plugging.
  • The divided throat captures the grain, so it can’t flow backward while ascending to the discharge.

There are few places for grain to accumulate on the Sukup Drive-Over Hopper.

  • UHMW paddles run the full width between the chains, so there is little area for grain to accumulate.
  • Minimum paddle clearance on the take-out end means there is less grain to clean out.
  • The end cover is quickly removed for easy clean out when operation is complete.

The Sukup Drive-Over Hopper is ruggedly built to withstand the stress of years of use.

  • Drive-over grates are reinforced.
  • Ramp surfaces are made of extra-heavy, diamond decking for durability and traction.
  • The Sukup Drive-Over Hopper can be used with bottom-dump trailers or side-discharge grain wagons.
  • The center dump area is a large 32” x 48”.
  • Rubber belting splashguard keeps grain contained to the dump area.
  • Converts instantly to a side-unload unit.
  • When open, the side discharge cover serves as a splashguard to keep grain confined in the dump area.
  • The Sukup Drive-Over Hopper quickly converts from transport to unloading position and back again.
  • The wheels are removed after transport with the pull of a pin.
  • Ramps are spring loaded, so, even though they are built tough, one person can easily raise and lower them.
  • Ramps can be easily removed for those applications where they are not required.

Note: Not intended for highway travel. Maximum speed – 20 mph.

  • Sukup makes the S7100 Drive-Over Hopper for permanent installations.
  • The following options are available on both S7000 and S7100 Models.
  • Choice of three motor and drive packages – 3, 5 or 7.5 hp.
  • Hydraulic drive kit is available for running the hopper in locations without electricity.
  • Flow control is available for the hydraulic drive.
  • A 30” spout extension may be added. The spout extension adds 19” to the overall height and 23” to the overall length of the hopper. (extension shown in photo at top of page.)