Sukup Drag Conveyors

Sukup Drag Conveyor


  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction ensures Sukup Drag Conveyors will last for years to come.
  • Dust-proof and weather-tight covers.
  • Shaft, sprocket and bearings can be removed as one piece.
  • 1/2”UHMW flights prevent steel-to-steel contact.

Sukup Drag Conveyor2Standard Features

  • Galvanized construction for long life.
  • 10 gauge housings are standard.
  • Bolted, removable bottom construction.
  • Roller chain is engineered for each conveyor to maximize working load and prolong system life.
  • 1/2”UHMW flights prevent steel-to-steel contact.
  • UHMW return rollers std. – return rails optional.


  • Abrasion-resistant liners and bottoms.
  • By-pass inlets with drive-over grating
  • Drive-over dump hopper with drive-over grating
  • Bend sections
  • Reversing feature
  • Intermediate discharge gates (manual, electric, pneumatic)

Head & Tail Sections

  • Head shafts are turned, ground and polished.
  • Shaft seals are 1/4” thick UHMW.
  • Extended mount flange bearings on 9” tall conveyors.
  • External mount pillow block bearings on 13” and 17” tall conveyors.
  • Flame cut, hardened steel sprockets.
  • Shaft, sprocket and bearings can be easily removed as one piece.
  • End relief door with limit switch is optional.
  • ACME threaded screws are used in the chain tension take-up system.