Sukup Bucket Elevators

Sukup Bucket Elevators

suckupSUKUP Bucket Elevators:

  • Galvanized construction ensures Sukup Bucket Elevators will last and look good for years to come.
  • Fully adjustable throat plate.
  • UHMW seals on all shafts.
  • Durable SOFR (static conductive, oil resistant, fire retardant) rubber belting 8” x 8” access door on boot allows for easy pulley hub adjustment.

Sukup Bucket ElevatorsSukup Bucket Elevator Heads

  • Low impact head design for gentle material handling.
  • Split style hood allows for easy interior accessibility.
  • Adjustable slide motor mounts.
  • 1/4” head and hood lining standard on 36” and larger models (optional on others).
  • Crown faced head pulley with slide lagging.
  • Large service doors.
  • Pressure relief doors standard on 36” and larger models (optional on others).
  • Bearing jacking bolts for easy belt alignment.
  • Fully adjustable throat plate.

Sukup Bucket Elevator Trunking

  • Heavy gauge Huck bolted or seam welded units based on application.
  • Alignment ties at the top and bottom of each 10’ joint.
  • Pressure relief vents optional.
  • 5’ inspection section to monitor belt & buckets.

Sukup Bucket Elevator Boots

  • Externally mounted pillow block bearings.
  • Plated ACME threaded take-up screws.
  • Heavy-duty angle iron frame for added strength.
  • Crown faced boot pulley (optional wing pulley)
  • Standard inlet (optional flared inlet)
  • Optional shovel pocket.
  • Easy access clean-out doors on each end.
  • Optional gravity take-up unit for high capacity models.