Hutchinson – Swing Away

hutchinsonOver the years, Hutchinson has grown through innovation and is recognized as a leading supplier to the World of grain and material handling equipment. The diversified product line has experienced continual expansion to include:

  • Portable Conveyors
  • Grain Pump Loop System
  • Farm and Commercial Unloading Equipment
  • Utility and Feeder System Augers
  • Custom Tube and U-trough Augers
  • En-masse Conveyors
  • Belt Convyors

swing-awayAt Hutchinson, we continually strive to provide our valued customer base with a premier product line at a competitive price. We offer one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. The relationships with our customers go beyond a hand shake, and we are always proud to be “Complimented by Comparison.”

Portable with Flex Hopper

Features like fully hydraulic lift and your choice of drives make Hutchinson the industry’s premier auger line.

Maximum-protection safety equipment is part of every unit.


sawaygeardriveGEAR DRIVE
The GEAR Drive utilizes the tractor PTO to power the main auger and swing out hopper. The large boot area provides unrestricted grain flow at maximum capacity.

The power is transferred through the PTO to the main auger and swing-out hopper. A spring loaded door on the swing-out protects the main auger from overloading.


sawaygeardrive2CONSTANT VELOCITY
The Constant Velocity (CV) PTO automatically adjusts at all operating auger angles to provide smooth operation. A shear mechanism is a standard feature of the (CV) PTO, which provides overload protection for the auger.


Exclusive on 8” and 10” models.


hutchtubeMAIN TUBE
The Main Tube features galvanized or powder coated painted steel for rugged dependability and extended life. All galvanized finishes must meet our stringent coating and quality standards. Painted finish available.


The Articulated Undercarriage with Hydraulic Cylinder Lift System takes the work out of raising and lowering the auger by utilizing the tractor hydraulic system. The sturdy undercarriage is designed with a combination of round and rectangular tubing and steel trussing.


(10″ & 12″ Models)

The Optional Corn Screens are mounted to the inclined tube of the swing out hopper, they remove unwanted fines from your grain. The covers provide weather protection or cover the screens when fines removal is not necessary.


saway12inexfeat12” EXCLUSIVE FEATURE
Gear Drive with Intake Support Wheel

A convenient fold-away wheel is standard on the 12” to help maintain proper (CV) PTO angle and to maintain a low auger inlet hopper.

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8”, 10” and 12” Features

  • Available in durable GALVANIZED or painted finish.
  • The Swing-Away Flex-Hopper is secured to either side of the main tube for transport.
  • All gear drives are oil bath enclosed.
  • Relief door in swing out hopper is secured by spring- loaded clips to protect the main auger from overloading.
  • Spindle wheel hubs with tapered bearings provide smooth, reliable transport.
  • The 10” x 82’ model features 12 gauge housing and 35R drive line as standard equipment.



The hopper design utilizes our Flexible Hopper Coupler box to maintain an overall low hopper height of 10-1/2″, a ‘single’ hopper flight specifically designed to match the high capacity of the main Swing Away auger, plus a large hopper profile of 33-1/2″ x 60″ for 8″ hoppers or 38-1/2″ x 60″ for all 10″ hoppers.

The Low-Profile Hopper features a “minimum height” design that enables it to be positioned in unloading situations with limited space.

The Low-Profile Hopper features pneumatic tires as standard equipment to help maneuver over rough terrain.

The Swing Away Hopper can be operated on either side of the main auger or in line with the auger when utilizing the optional side drive kit.

sawayflexangleFor transport, the Swing Away Flex Hopper can be placed on either the right or left side of the main auger. The lift arm can quickly be switched to the other side of the main auger. The Flex Hopper is transported in a near vertical position for ease of clean out and to keep moisture from accumulating in the hopper.

sawayflexhoptrans1The Hutchinson Flex Angle design is unique in the industry, allowing the hopper to remain almost horizontal regardless of auger operating angle. The hinged cover permits easy service to the U-Joint.