Hutchinson Mass-ter Mover


The MASS-TER of material moving efficiency.

IMPORTANT: Keep all shields and safety devices in place at all times. Observe all safety signs and warnings shown on the product and in the operator’s manual. 
Mounting devices, support structures and guys are not illustrated in this example system.


  • Mass-ter Mover® powerheads may be used horizontally or in conjunction with the various elbows (30°, 45° & 90°) for inclined or vertical discharge.
  • Hutchinson’s “square paddle” propulsion system requires less horsepower than a screw conveyor. (Up to 30% energy savings.)
  • Capacities from 2,500 to 8,500 BPH. Single horizontal lengths to 200’.
  • Grain slides through a full lower chamber… no pinch points to damage material.
  • The unique paddle design allows the Mass-ter Mover® to operate at various inclines.
  • Component system adapts to a variety of uses: drive-over pit; horizontal or inclined storage loading; bottom unloading; filling or taking away from dryer.
  • Also available as portable units in lengths from 40’ through 100’.


  • Shallow paddles running in this single chamber conveyor provide deep layer, high volume grain movement.
  • The conveyor covers are easily removed for clean out.
  • Optional AF plate liner is available for extra life in very dirty grain conditions.
  • Capacity is from 2,500 BPH to 15,000 BPH. Single runs to 240’.
  • Operation of the unit is not recommended above a 4° incline.
  • Mass-ter Flow units are available as stationary overhead or return conveyors and bottom unloading systems.


Accessories that make Hutchinson the MASS-TER of material moving systems.
Mass-ter Mover® and Mass-ter Flow accessories provide a complete loading and unloading system for storage structures. Bin unlading units normally incorporate multiple inlets with slide gates and sweep pivots where needed. The usual choices of drives and elbow combinations are available on the Mass-ter Mover® (Mass-ter Flow is horizontal only). Drive over pit hopper (photo A) with 30°, 45° or 90° incline sections for a dump-and-go operation without a costly holding pit. Swing-Away hopper (photo B) and portable hopper (photo C) allow you to custom design your handling system.



MASS-TER MOVER®’S secret is its unique chain and paddle design.


The heart of the Hutchinson Mass-ter Mover® is a continuous chain and paddle combination that utilizes the “en masse” concept. The unique shape of tough UHMW paddles maintains full chamber movement of grain…without fall-back. The open centers of the paddles provide relief when starting under a full load. And, our ”square paddle” propulsion system requires less horsepower than a screw conveyor–up to 30% energy savings can be gained! Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or updating your present facilities, you’ll find the Hutchinson Mass-ter Mover“ ready to meet your demands.


MASS-TER FLOW DRAG CONVEYOR economy and quality in a horizontal conveyor.


The Mass-Ter Flow Drag Conveyor is designed with the same quality features as the Mass-ter Mover®. The Mass-ter Flow is most economical in the higher capacities and where design allows a strictly horizontal conveyor. High working strength roller chain is combined with tough Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene paddles for long life and smooth operation. Optional bottom plate liner is available for extra life, particularly in very dirty grain conditions.