How K Buildings Are Built

The building process begins by contacting your local K Building dealer or an Elgin Service Center sales location. Once there, a knowledgeable professional will assist you with the design of your new K Building. Upon acceptance of the design, CAD drawings will be created and the foundation plan and anchor bolts will be sent to the dealer or sales center so the site preparation can begin. It is also at this time that a production date for your building will be established. Establishing the production  date helps ensure all foundation and related site work will be completed and the erection of the K Building can begin immediately upon arrival. Often when our trucks leave the factory, they will have the entire building on board. Every stick of lumber, nut, bolt, steel mainframe and siding as well as all related accessories will be included. This attention to detail helps ensure a quick and efficient erection of every K Building.

The erection process will begin with the mainframe placement of the first set of legs and rafters. Followed by cross bracing and the installation of a limited number of girts and purlins. The placement of the girts and purlins assure that the mainframe is plumb and square. This step is repeated until the red iron installation is complete. The remaining purlins and girts are then put in place and the insulation, walk doors and windows, as well as sliding doors and steel coverings installed.

Installation Guidelines detailing the step by step erecting process as well as the equipment and tools required are available by asking your K Building dealer or by requesting they be included with your Request A Quote.

The typical build time for a K Building can range from a week to 2-3 weeks for our largest buildings.

“We built our building in 2003 and are very pleased. From design to completion, everyone at Elgin Service Center did great work. We use the building as a shop to service our trucks and also to house our offices. Since the trusses follow the roof, we had plenty of headroom for a loft which we use as s storage area and music studio. We recommend the K Building every chance we get.”
– Dennis & Karen Knepper

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