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Sukup Commercial Bins

Good design is crucial to the quality and strength of commercial storage tanks and Sukup has the best design in the industry. All of the vital components of Sukup storage tanks were computer designed and analyzed with strength and reliability in mind. The result is the most advanced bin in the world.

Sukup has so much confidence in the quality of their commercial tanks that they offer a 5-Year limited warranty. Most other companies don’t even come close to that.

Sukup Hopper Bins

Sukup Hopper Bins
Sukup offers medium duty and heavy duty hopper bins. The designs of both are among the strongest in the industry, with wide corrugations, extra strong stiffeners, and heavy gauge hopper panels.

Sukup Medium Duty Hopper Bins

  • 15’ – 21’ diameter, 3-6 rings
  • Ideal for use as a wet holding tank to feed your Sukup grain dryer
  • May be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time

Sukup Heavy Duty Hopper Bins

  • May be mounted on overhead super structures for loading of semis or train cars
  • May be used as a working bin
  • Can be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time
  • Sukup hopper bottom bins are designed to hold free flowing grains up to 52 lb/ft3, with an unload rate of 9000 bushels/hour

Sukup Farm Bins

Sukup Farm Bins

Forty years ago, Eugene Sukup put up his first corn drying bin. After having problems with spoilage and wet pockets of grain, he designed the first Sukup product – a stirring machine. Sukup has been looking at bins from the inside out ever since. They gained a lot of knowledge over those many years, and they put that knowledge into every product they manufacture, including Sukup grain bins.

Sukup is dedicated to quality and providing their customers with exceptional value. One way they maintain the excellent quality of their equipment is by manufacturing as many of the individual components as possible in-house. So, when they made the move into manufacturing grain bins, they invested in the most advanced roll-forming equipment available, built to their exact standards. This equipment takes their grain bins from flat steel to finished product quickly, efficiently and most importantly, accurately. What does this mean to you? It means your Sukup bin will go together quickly and easily and will stand strong for years to come.

Sukup stiffened farm bins are an economical grain storage alternative. Adding stiffeners to a bin allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets without sacrificing structural strength, thereby making a stiffened bin more economical.

Stiffened bins provide excellent stability against grain and wind. In addition, stiffeners transfer roof loads directly to the foundation, creating a smaller load on the sidewall sheets.

“We’ve been doing business with Elgin Service Center for over 30 years. We recently built a “K” Building for use as a farm shop. It has been a great asset to our operation.”
– Rick Schleucher

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