Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did you get the name “K” Buildings?
ANSWER: The owner of “K” Buildings last name begins with a “K”. During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Dodge had a car model called the “K” Car. The combination of the two is where the name originated

2. With so many buildings already available, why did you decide to begin a new building company?
ANSWER: Although there were and are many brands of buildings available nearly all were post frame buildings with a limited longevity. The manufacturers of all steel buildings weren’t manufacturing with the agricultural market in mind. We believed that we could provide a better building at a competitive price.

3. Is the “K” Building a pole building or a steel building?
ANSWER: Actually it is a hybrid or combination building. It combines the strength of steel with the economy of wood.

4. Can “K” Buildings be used for commercial applications?
ANSWER: Yes. “K” Buildings can be used for virtually any application.

5. Can I build a “K” Building to live in?
ANSWER: Yes. You will need to check carefully with your local zoning authority to be certain of requirements in your area.

6. Can I buy “K” Building frames and supply my own lumber, covering, and other accessories?
ANSWER: That is up to the discretion of the “K” Building dealer in your area.

7. Are buildings with other than standard specs available?
ANSWER: Yes. “K” Buildings will manufacture other sizes whenever possible.

8. Can I use existing concrete for a “K” Building foundation?
ANSWER: In some cases. It will depend on the specs and conditions of the foundation. Obviously, “K” Buildings cannot be responsible for problems related to existing foundations.

9. Can I buy the building as a kit and assemble it myself?
ANSWER: Yes. Many customers build their own buildings. We provide an erection manual and have telephone support for assistance.

10. Can I buy the building and have my own contractor build it?
ANSWER: Yes. If your contractor has experience with either post frame or steel construction they can easily erect a “K” Building.

11. What is included in a basic building package?
ANSWER: The steel main and endwall frames, wood purlins and girts, wind bracing, covering and trim, hardware and fasteners, including anchor bolts.

12. How long does it take to manufacture a “K” Building?
ANSWER: Lead times vary within the calendar year.  Orders placed in height of the building season may have a 10-12 week lead time, orders placed in off peak times of the year can expect shorter lead times often in the 5-7 week range.

13. Where are “K” Buildings manufactured?
ANSWER: In northwest Ohio, in the village of Elgin.

14. Does “K” Buildings use American made products?
ANSWER: Yes. Our steel and lumber are from American mills

15. When giving building specs, what does eave height mean?
ANSWER: Eave height is the distance from the top of the foundation to the top of the roof at the eave. Sometimes it is referred to as the height at the square or sidewall height.

16. What is the relationship between Elgin Service Center and “K” Buildings?
ANSWER: “K” Buildings is a division of Elgin Service Center, Inc., an Ohio Corporation.

17. Do I have to have a concrete foundation?
ANSWER: Yes, but it can be a concrete pier, monolithic slab or foundation wall.

18. Can I build a K Building on my own?
ANSWER: Absolutely! In fact, the end user builds many K-Buildings. Technical help is also available by calling our manufacturing facility M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

19. Can I put asphalt shingles on a K-Building?
ANSWER: K-Buildings can accommodate many different types of roofing, including asphalt shingles.

20. How does K-Building pricing compare to pole barn or post/frame construction?
ANSWER: K-Building pricing compares favorably to name brand pole manufacturer pricing.

21. How flexible is the design of a K-Building?
ANSWER: Very flexible. Locations for windows, walk doors, partition walls, concrete floors and drains can all be determined once the structure is built. Future changes to window and door locations can also be easily accommodated.

22. What advantages does a K-Building have compared to a pole barn?
ANSWER: Strength, Headroom and Concrete Foundations are three major advantages. The strength of steel permits a very efficient K-Building design. Additional headroom is created for storage or design flexibility by the vaulted ceiling of a K-Building, while the 3 concrete foundation options remove the concern for rotting posts at grade.