Fans And Heaters

Fans and Heaters

There are a number of brands of axial fans on the market today, but there’s only one that’s the best, and that’s Sukup. The chart below compares Sukup Axial Fans to four other brands available today. As you can see, not only does Sukup have more years of experience, we also have more features and better fans!

  • Sukup Axial Fans give the highest airflow for the money!
  • Provide maximum airflow at lower static pressures.
  • Ideal for in-bin drying and aeration applications.
  • 3500 RPM motors used in Sukup Axial Fans have been specially engineered for Sukup’s high performance blades.
  • All Sukup Fans are available as 50 hz and other voltages to match worldwide requirements.
  • Two-year warranty on components.


The fan is the key to a successful drying or aeration system. Sukup takes great effort in designing and manufacturing the best fan possible. That’s why Sukup is #1 in sales of centrifugal fans. Compare our reliability, prices and airflow (as tested by an independent laboratory); you’ll discover why Sukup is #1.

All Sukup fans and heaters are factory-tested prior to shipment in order to ensure that our customers are getting a top quality product that works properly from day one. Fans are tested for smoothness, motor performance and general operation. Plus, Sukup gives you a two-year warranty you can depend on.

A Sukup Centrifugal Fan sounds like a “purr” compared to a “screaming” axial fan. This quiet operation provides a safer working environment and less irritation to workers and surrounding residential areas.

Single inlet 1750 rpm centrifugal fans are available in sizes from 3 – 40 hp. Dual inlet 1750 rpm fans are available in sizes from 30 hp – 50 hp. Single inlet 3500 rpm centrifugal fans are available in sizes from 3 – 60 hp. CSA and CE models available.

Sukup High Speed Fans

  • Sukup offers a full line of high speed (3500 rpm) centrifugal fans.
  • Ideal for deep grain depths, aerating small grains or situations where static pressure is high, as in commercial applications.
  • Feature totally enclosed motors.

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