Elgin Service Center is a proud distributor of Sukup grain systems, DMC grain conditioning equipment, Hutchinson Augers and Conveyors along with a host of other manufacturers and distributors. Please click on the link of interest below for additional information.

Sukup Grain Handling & Storage Solutions

The Sukup grain handling and storage solutions line includes grain bins for both on-farm and commercial storage, grain dryers for on-farm and commercial operations, axial and centrifugal fans and heaters, stirring machines, unloading equipment, bin floors and supports, drive-over hoppers, grain spreaders and Airway® Tubes. The implement line includes cultivators, flail shredders, a wild game food plot planter and grain drills.

Elgin Service Center & Sukup Manufacturing


Hutchinson Augers and Conveyors

Hutchinson’s diversified product line includes portable conveyors, grain pump loop system, farm and commercial unloading equipment, utility and feeder system augers, custom tube and u-trough augers, en-masse conveyors and belt conveyors.

dmcDMC Grain Conditioning Equipment

For more than 30 years, farmers have relied on DMC to supply them with the most economical means available of drying and conditioning grain. The DMC team has always believed that equipment, parts, and service must be readily available to both farmers and dealers.

creamerCreamer Metal Products, Inc.

Creamer Metal Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of material handling equipment for the grain industry. In addition, they are a contract manufacturer to various commercial industries. They sell domestically and internationally to dealers who sell directly to the end user or to the installer or millwright.

north_starNorth Star Metals Manufacturing Company

North Star Metals of Ohio celebrates over 10 years in business and the completion their new 40, 000 sf manufacturing facility equipped with the latest controlled fabricating equipment and highly trained professionals.

plycoPlyco Corporation

For over 50 years, Plyco has been a leading supplier of products to the post-frame, metal clad and commercial building industries. Plyco manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products including metal doors, windows, horse stall systems, ventilation products, reflective insulation, fasteners and closures. For many builders and contractors, they provide one-stop shopping for a majority of building component needs.


Need hard to find replacement parts for your Cardinal grain handling equipment? Elgin Service Center has a wide variety of replacement parts for transport augers, bin sweeps, u-troughs and much more.

FarmFansFarm Fans & Heaters

Keep your fan and heater running smoothly.  Elgin Service Center has a full inventory of replacement parts for your FFI equipment.

“We’ve been doing business with Elgin Service Center for over 30 years. We recently built a K Building for use as a farm shop. It has been a great asset to our operation.”
– Rick Schleucher