DMC Grain Flow With CALC-U-DRI

dmcThe best grain management system from DMC features Calc-U-Dri*, Stir-Ator and Grain Flow. These components convert your drying bin into the ultimate automatic in-bin continuous flow drying system.


dmc_calc-u-driA. The optional Calc-U-Dri is a revolutionary master control for automatic, in-bin continuous flow grain drying. Calc-U-Dri keeps grain moisture content no higher than 0.3% over set point (percentage moisture desired). It also controls the Grain Flow and take-away systems.

B. The Calc-U-Dri sensor, located in the Grain Flow discharge tube, monitors all the grain leaving the drying bin. Wall mounted monitors can never match Calc-U-Dri sensor accuracy.

C. Model 84 Grain Flow features a six or eight inch discharge auger with 700 bushel per hour discharge capacity using dual floor augers.

D. With the addition of a Stir-Ator, your bin becomes a wet holding tank with a capacity of up to 16 feet deep, a continuous flow dryer of unmatched efficiency, and a dry and store unit for the last bin full.

E. The optional Trans-Fer 700 pneumatic grain conveying system gives your system the added flexibility needed for multi-bin operations.


DMC’s Standard: Grain Flow with Dry Grain Control

DMC’s Dry Grain Control works like many systems by using air temperature to determine grain dryness, automatically unloading your grain when the air reaches the preselected temperature.

The Dry Grain Control measures air temperature 12 to 18 inches off the bin floor to determine when the grain is ready to be discharged.

Model 84 Grain Flow Features & Benefits

  • Exterior control box means your total drying system is operated from one convenient location.
  • Support feet move floor augers through grain at a smooth even pace.
  • Hood and floor auger design allows grain to be evenly removed at up to 700 bushels per hour (limited only by fan and heater drying capacity).
  • Auger overload switch shuts down the entire system should transfer equipment fail.
  • Heavy duty construction of all components ensures long life.
  • Two-year (2) warranty on gear box and floor augers.
  • Two (2) sensing systems.

Optional Equipment for the Grain Flow

  • Take-away auger control box
  • Inclined transfer augers
  • Discharge auger extensions
  • Trans-Fer pneumatic conveying systems
  • 8″ x 15′ or 18′ vertical auger with accessories
  • Bin-full switch to stop Grain Flow when storage bin is full
  • Single or three phase, 220V or 440V electrical options
  • Vertical auger heads (two or three way) with chain operated valve
  • Grain Level Monitor
  • Hard surfaced floor augers (rice only)


Model 84 Grain Flow Components

dmc_controlboxControl Box
The DMC Grain Flow with Calc-U-Dri is operated from a control box located on the outside of the bin. Operating lights and three contactor switches are located in the box. These switches control auxiliary equipment, such as take-away augers, and can be operated automatically or manually for easy maintenance checks.

dmc_gearboxRugged Gear Box
DMC’s Gear Box is so tough that it is backed with a full two (2) drying season warranty. The gear box features timken tapered roller bearings, high temperature grease seals and case hardened gears. Adjustable legs allow the gear box to fit plenums from 12 to 20 inches.

dmc_floraugrDual Floor Augers
Grain Flow’s gear box uses tough 1 1/4″ case hardened shafts to drive dual floor augers with hefty shafts and heavy-duty flighting. These augers unload grain at up to 700 bushel per hour (BPH) or 1500-2000 BPH using the slide gate. Floor augers are covered by a full two (2) drying season warranty.

Unique Improved Hood Design

Grain Flow’s unique hood keeps grain from free-flowing from the bin’s center. There is no need for a resistor ring or grain paddles that damage grain.

dmc_powersysPower System
The power system is located on the discharge end of the Grain Flow to provide power directly to the gear box, thus simplifying installation by virtually eliminating alignment adjustments. This also provides for a left or right discharge option for added flexibility. The motor’s three belt drive ensures no slip operation. A shift lever is conveniently located to engage or disengage floor augers.


Grain Flow Warranty: The DMC Grain Flow is guaranteed for one drying season, to be free of defects in material or workmanship, when properly installed and operating in accordance with the instruction in the owner’s manual. Floor augers and gear boxes are guaranteed under identical terms for 2 drying seasons. Warranty parts will be exchanged F.O.B., Mason City, Iowa, without charge to the user. Damage resulting from negligence voids the warranty. Warranty does not include labor, installation or delivery of replacement parts. Electric motors are covered by the warranty of the respective manufacturers. The DMC Grain Flow warranty, and the liability of DMC, its distributors, dealers and agents is limited to replacing, without charge, all defective parts as outlined above. No other warranties, expressed or implied, shall apply in any circumstances. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in specifications and price without incurring obligation on previously produced merchandise.