Creamer – Grain Handling

creamerCreamer Metal Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of material handling equipment for the grain industry in the agricultural community. In addition, we are a contract manufacturer to various commercial industries.

We sell domestically and internationally to dealers who sell directly to the end user or to the installer or millwright.


creamer_horizontal_uHorizontal U-Trough Screw Conveyors
U-TroughSTANDARD HORIZONTAL U-TROUGH SCREW CONVEYORS are available in eight diameter sized. Conveyors are of heavy gauge angle types, helicoids augers, nylon hanger bearings (ball bearings optional) and ball bearing end bearings. One standard discharge is furnished as standard equipment. Discharges in addition to the standard end discharge can be installed. These are available with hand slide, rack and pinion control or curved rack and pinion. We have hand wheels or chain pocket wheels to operate the rack and pinion controls.

Available with fixed speed or 3 to 1 variable speed drives.


creamer_farm_type2Farm Type 6″, 9″, 10″ Pit Screws
The 6″, 9″ and 10″ pit screws are designed for shallow pit installations. Capacities from 1,200 bu. per hr. to 3,940 bu. per hr. at 200 R.P.M.


creamer_buck_elev_pSteel Bucket Elevators – Painted and Galvanized
Creamer Model P and GX Series Bucket Elevators are designed to offer you years of trouble free service. You may choose your elevator from a painted elevator (not pictured) or a galvanized whatever your preferences may be.

The boot, or bottom section, is constructed from heavy gauge steel to give a firm base for the elevator. The boot is furnished with grease capable self-aligning bearings, hand slides for better cleaning, moveable hoppers and interchangeable loading capabilities that permit loading the boot by dump hopper or by force feeding with a screw conveyor.

The legging sections are twin box construction with each section welded to angle flanges and contain standing seams for even more strength. Pride has been taken in the construction of each unit to insure bolt alignment for fast and easy erection. A lower section is designed to accept an inspection opening at the height that is best for your system.

The head sections are manufactured with grease capable ball or roller bearing. Each head has a selection of drives either from a chain and sprocket drive to a dependable gear reducer drive. All head pulleys are lagged to permit better gripping of the belt. Options available include vents, drive covers, automatic clean-outs, std. and OSHA safety equipment.

The galvanized elevator offers galvanized boot section, legging sections and head section. We provide accessories in orange painted, electro plated or galvanized material – the choice is yours!

Many additional options are available to complete the system. Ask your closest distributor to design a system for you.


creamer_buck_elev_headHeavy Duty Bucket Elevators – Painted and Galvanized
Creamer Metal Products, Inc. features both painted and galvanized heavy-duty elevators.

The galvanized elevator features a bolt assembled head and boot which allows for easy replacement of parts.

Both types are dust tight and weather-proof for outside installation. The boots of heavy gauge steel are furnished with ball bearing self-aligning, dust-tight take-ups. Jig assembled leg casings and jig welded flanges ensure perfect alignment for easy, fast erections. Sturdy construction and quality workmanship assure years of trouble-free operation.


creamer_dist-60Fully Enclosed Grain Distributors
Here are all purpose distributors designed to meet the various requirements in Directing the flow of materials into different bins or locations. For outside Installations, they are ideal, being WEATHER-TITE. Inside installations are Equally desirable because they are DUST-TITE. These FULLY ENCLOSED Distributors are compact, easy to install and most important, are constructed To give outstanding performance and long life.

Of all steel construction, the heavy gauge turn head rotates in a complete enclosure, locking itself into position for any of the desired outlets. There is no mixing, no jamming or clogging. At each outlet is a heavy 10 gauge liner that is easily and simply replaced when worn. The turn head is also easily replaced by loosening a few bolts.

These outstanding distributors are available complete with indicator stands having markings for each outlet. The control lever operates freely on ball bearing. The top or intake of the distributor is flanged for bolting and is the same diameter as the discharges. Transitions or adapters can be furnished for any size discharge of elevator heads. The short throat results in small loss of discharge height. Maximum distance required from center of inlet to elevator leg is 10 inches.

For greater efficiency, better performance, and with less space requirement, replace that old fashioned distributor with a modern WEATHER-TITE, DUST-TITE, FULLY ENCLOSED distributor.


creamer_dist_elecElectric Grain Distributors – Flat Back and 360°

  • Flanged outlets welded solid
  • Inspection doors necessary – larger models, the door is located in the bottom
  • Full round 10 ga. internal spout (lined with 4″ UHMW wearliner) option
  • Gearing used for positive starting and stopping
  • Gearhead motors with a brake to insure positive stop
  • Factory wired and tested Operates on 120 volt current with small gear motor
  • Designed at 45 degree or 60 degree to be used for feed or grain