K Building Timelapse

Watch an entire build of a 100×180 shop with an attached 70X60 office with steel mainframes and a wood secondary.   It’s a great alternative to a typical pole barn/post frame building.

Build Your Own Building

What a great opportunity to make lasting memories by building your own K Building! It’s a lot easier than you think.

K Building Fire

It’s hard to believe that after hours of burning undetected the K Building is still standing the morning after.

K Building Structural Highlights

The perfect building, combining the strength of steel mainframes and the economy of a wood secondary framing.

K Building Monoslope Slat Floor Livestock Building

Listen to what Dave Puthoff of Mercer Landmark has to say about the K Building slatted floor barn.

Elgin & Sukup – Practical Grain Storage Solutions

Let Elgin Service Center help you design a practical and affordable solution to your grain storage needs.  Elgin is an authorized Sukup dealer with an extensive parts inventory and provides outstanding service after the purchase.

Elgin Service Center Sukup

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Elgin Service Center Grain Service

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Elgin Service Center- Sukup Manufacturing

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Introduction to the K Building

For over 40 years Elgin Service Center has been manufacturing the hybrid K Building. The spacious clear spans of the steel mainframes are just a part of why this building is so popular amongst builders and consumers alike.